E Harlow Magnolia Bitters


E Harlow Magnolia Bitters


“These bitters have a beautifully distinct floral note that takes me straight back to my grandmother’s house—there’s nothing else like them on the market as far as I’m aware.” - Gary "Gaz" Regan


PourTaste is proud to produce the world's first magnolia bitters seen since the 19th century!  Found in print for the first time in 1867 and then again in 1872, the magnolia blossom was used as an aromatic and flavoring agent in bitters, with the intention of medicinal purposes.  Eventually, the light and floral trademark of the south fell to the wayside in the 20th century...until now.  What started as a backyard experiment gained attention from Garden & Gun in 2014.  Jon and Lindsay have worked hard ever since to cultivate the perfect recipe for your cocktails.  This versatile flavor profile shines brightest with clear spirits but also brings a refreshing nuance to brown spirits.  


4oz bottle




water, glycerin, magnolia, gentian root, angelica root, dried orange peel


Try it with a traditional Moscow Mule, Mojito, Smash , Manhattan or Old Fashioned to get your legs wet, then the world is your oyster.


*Please allow one week for processing

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