"The beer list is a very well-chosen mix of local craft beers and a few select outsiders. The elaborate tap system serves more than beer: A variety of cocktails, sakes, tonics and shochu-based drinks are available"
- Nashville Scene
"The cocktails are exceptional, too, created by consultant Jon Yeager of Pour Taste, who installed house-made tonic, made with hints of pineapple and ginger, on the menu. It’s batched with shochu, a Japanese version of vodka, and barreled and put on tap."
- Nashville Lifestyles

PourTaste designed the opening bar menus for Two Ten Jack, Nashville's first Izakaya-style restaurant, in 2014.  PourTaste worked with importers and distributors to bring in new and rare products to Tennessee.  Two Ten Jack quickly gained high acclaim for their tap cocktail system and received accolades for tying together the world of craft cocktails and Japanese fare, successfully, for the first time in Music City.   



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