E Harlow Pristine Tonic


E Harlow Pristine Tonic


Discovered by Peruvians, popularized by the British and saved from extinction by the Dutch, the bark of the Cinchona tree and its natural quinine has been a human cure-all for hundreds of years.  This bark was originally steeped as a tea to fight malaria which became known as "tonic".  Named after our daughter, Emerson Harlow, we created this recipe in 2013, in Nashville TN, in response to a community that was looking for something homemade and genuine. 

-Jon & Lindsay Yeager, PourTaste 


Ingredients for Pristine Tonic

Cinchona bark, lemongrass, boneset, lemon, lime, citric acid, sugar 


16 oz

21 servings

Suggested usage:

2 oz Base Spirit of Choice

3/4 oz E Harlow Pristine Tonic

Shake with ice, strain over fresh ice and top with soda water.


*Please allow one week for processing

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